More Exceptional than Yesterday

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The goal is not to be better than the other man, but to be better than your previous self.
Hindu Proverb

I resumed two-a-days on Monday.

The regimen — a workout in the morning and another in the evening — is a staple of sports training the world over. Preseason conditioning is often centered around building endurance fast and double sessions (done right) are an excellent tool.

Truth is, they suck.

Regardless of the work put in during the offseason, the body almost always undergoes a period of shock and confusion while being thrown into the fire of intense exercise.

The benefit, over time, is amazing.

Quickness returns.

Breathing improves.

Sharpness results.

Life is a series of chances to get better.

We are reborn every morning from the “little death” of sleep, given the opportunity to be greater than the person who laid down the night before.

The process is simple.

Do one thing — only one — to be exceptional today.

Pay attention to the day, with all its routines and drudgery, then set aside a few minutes to do something wholly different than normal.

Push a little further, even if it hurts.

Just be more exceptional than yesterday.

Forget what everyone else is doing.

Compare “now” with “before” instead of “them” with “me.”

Doing so enables us to concentrate on producing a better result measured against a known outcome as opposed to hitting the moving target of what is socially desirable.

The truly great — those who defy all we believe is possible — use themselves as the guide.

They stand upon their own shoulders to reach the next plateau.

Every little step counts. Take one.


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