Morning Workout, 1-31-11

Alternating Reversed Tabata

As many as possible during 10-second “on” intervals.

“Off” intervals of 20 seconds.

Eight rounds of 10-second “on” intervals and 20-second “off” intervals. The goal is to complete as many reps as possible within the time limit. Alternate between prescribed upper and lower body exercises, which are…

Swinging Pushups
Complete a standard pushup, then move the right hand next to the left. Move the left hand out to resume standard position and complete another pushup, then move the left hand next to the right. Move the right hand out to resume standard pushup position. Repeat. (From above, the movement between pushups will appear to be like a clock pendulum.)
Y Squats
Stand with feet shoulder width apart and stretch arms above head at 30-degree angle. Keep the core tight and squat down, making sure to keep the elbows back. Return to standing position. Repeat. More

7.5 minutes

“Come Back” by Foo Fighters


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