Morning Workout, 2-1-11

Head and Heels

Five rounds of 10 handstand pushups and 20 alternating reverse lunges

As needed to complete prescribed reps

Complete each round of exercises as quick as possible, with good form.
Handstand Pushups
Find open wall space (preferably a corner if just beginning) and place hands on the floor approximately 6-12 inches from it. With arms extended, kick legs up over head into starting position. Slowly lower body toward floor, mindful of how close the head is to it. Push upward to return to starting position. Repeat. More
Alternating Reverse Lunge
Stand with feet shoulder width apart and step backward with one leg far enough ahead the knee bends to 90 degrees as the opposite knee gently touches the floor. Return to standing position. Switch legs and repeat. Be sure to keep the upper torso upright throughout the movement.

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