Morning Workout, 2-3-11

Core Belief

Four rounds of 15 pushups and 20 lunges

One minute between rounds

Perform each round of pushups followed immediately by lunges.
Planche Pushups
Begin in standard pushup position, then move the hands closer to the waist. Lower chest towards the floor, keeping elbows close to the body. Return to starting position. Repeat. More
Alternating Forward Lunge with Twist
Stand with feet shoulder width apart. Raise arms above head. Step forward with one leg far enough ahead the knee bends to 90 degrees as the opposite knee gently touches the floor while twisting upper torso towards same side as forward leg. (Turn right for right leg, e.g.) Be sure to keep the upper torso straight up and down. Return to standing position. Switch legs and repeat. More

10 minutes


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