Morning Workout, 2-10-11

All-Around Good Morning #1

Perform consecutive 30-second rounds of each the following exercises, in any order, completing as many reps as possible:

  • Extended Legs Crunch — a traditional crunch, with legs extended and heels held six inches off floor
  • Knees to Chest — lay on floor with heels six inches off floor, roll knees in to chest, extend legs up toward ceiling and return to chest, extend legs out
  • Staggered Hands Pushups — one hand higher than shoulder level, the other below; lower chest to floor and return to starting position, switch hand positions and repeat
  • Pushups — hands at shoulder level; lower chest to floor and return to starting position
  • Reverse Lunges — step backwards until forward leg is bent to 90 degrees while the backward leg gently touches the floor
  • Russian Twist — lay on floor with knees bent; bring upper torso up to 45 degrees with arms extended forward and twist from side to side
  • Scissor Kicks — lay flat on back with legs extended and heels six inches off floor; swing legs out and back approximately 12 inches, crossing feet over when returning to middle; alternate which foot is on top
  • Sprinters — lay flat on back with legs extended and heels six inches off floor; elevate upper torso to 45 degrees while swinging one arm forward and the other back (a running motion), bringing the leg opposite the forward arm to the chest at the same time; return to starting position and switch sides
  • Windshield Wipers —  lay flat with feet extended straight up in the air and arms straight out to the side; swing legs from side to side, attempting to get as close to the floor without touching as possible
  • Y Squats —  stand with feet shoulder width apart and arms extended above head at approximately 30 degree angle; keep core tight and lower backside toward floor; return to standing position by pushing weight through heels

5 Minutes


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