Spend Your Inheritance

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Royalty is inherited from another human being, blessedness from God.
Duke Ellington

There are certain things we get for being born.

A birthday.

A death day.


Only one is under our control.

We lie about our age.

We hit the gym to live forever.

We ignore our interests and passion.

The truth always comes out.

It is a curious thing, the uncomfortable dance of human consciousness. We sway gently from one idea to the next in pursuit of what’s “right” in the view of — most often — everyone but ourselves.

We are all born with a gift, a purpose so specific it can be performed best by us alone. We touch on it from time to time as we grow, recognizing ourselves in the mirror of our soul. It is as though we are spending an unlimited inheritance, writing checks from a bottomless pit full of inspiration.

The joy is palpable and undeniable.

Then we suppress it.

The chase for acceptance overwhelms the desire for fulfillment.

Why is that?

What makes us shirk the possibility of our own greatness?

Each of us has a something. In acknowledging (and to encourage) his ability, Ellington’s mother often said, “Edward, you are blessed.”

Perhaps your parents were less than supportive.

No matter.

You have “it.”

But you procrastinate.

You think you’ll look like a fool.

Stop waiting.

Stop wondering.

Decide to use it.


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