14 Reasons I Love Running

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It’s amazing how much you can appreciate something and take it for granted at the same time.

Running is that way, for me.

As I’ve taken up exercise in a more concrete manner over the last few weeks, I’ve launched headlong into a daily mileage habit again. Most days I run less than 20 minutes, yet the workouts are strenuous enough to be satisfying.

In short, I’ve fallen in love with running all over again.

It’s the simplest exercise any of us can do, it works all the major muscle groups and taps into the primal nature we cover with business suits and cocktail dresses.

So, for Valentine’s Day, I decided to make a list of all the reasons I love it:

1. Solitude.
2. Relaxation.
3. Exertion.
4. Creativity. (I often get ideas during or just after a session.)
5. Time in nature.
6. Simplicity.
7. Waving to people.
8. Going fast (and thinking it’s much faster than it really is).
9. Going slow (and wishing I was going fast).
10. Time to process life.
11. Clarity.
12. A sense of valuing my health.
13. Being a part of “the club.”
14. Knowing I get to do it again tomorrow.

There are few things more exhilarating than finding an activity that meshes with your personality, that speaks to your very soul. I reap physical and emotional benefits from heading out the door six days a week.

And, like any love affair, it always seems to give me more than I can give back.


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