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Small Steps to Giant Leaps


I think about theoretical physics regularly.

What I understand of it is flat-out mindblowing. There are few subjects able to humble me faster.

In his latest book, The Grand DesignStephen Hawking explores the most recent advances in the study of the vastness in which we live. The current hypothesis holds what we perceive as a universe is actually a multiverse. Within it, all things are happening at all times. To put it another way, every possible outcome to every possible situation occurs and we only see this one.

I am awestruck and dumbfounded.

Everyone loves big miracles.

We spend much of our lives looking for gargantuan leaps from burning buildings to blessed safety. It seems as though the human brain is unable to comprehend anything short of drastic action on God’s part. We think about His omnipotence and stand around waiting for a bolt from the blue as proof He’s working.

Almost everything happens in small steps, though.

With our eyes trained on the horizon in search of His massive end result, we ignore the tiny blessings in between. We focus on what God’s going to do and forget to notice what He’s doing. The change is often so gradual, we are oblivious to how wondrous it really is — and that it’s a prerequisite for the larger miracle we’re praying for.

We are blind to the fact we must be made ready, too, shaped and molded with care.

We transition through countless gateways packed so close together the distance between them is infinitesimal. What seems to be a continual path is in fact trillions of doors opening and closing to guide us along — if we don’t choose to open a different one on our own. We move through them without any concept of how supernatural each one is, a true act of God in and of itself.

By this, we grow.

Life is a long series of opportunities to change, to improve or regress.

The shift is too slow and, at times, painful for our liking.

When God’s providence shines down upon us and what we’ve been waiting for arrives, we would do well to rejoice for the work He has done in us, too.

We like who we are much more when we remember who we were.


Brew Grit

The Monk’s Prayer


The Power of Everything

Everything is old.

NebulaIt has always been here. Physics tells us that a closed system, like our universe, will always have the exact same amount of energy. Further, we know it has been expanding for somewhere in the neighborhood of 14 billion years…containing the same amount of stuff. That means, in the first millisecond (about 1/40 of the time it takes you to blink) after creation everything that ever was, is or will be inhabited a tiny–yet rapidly expanding–cosmos.

Everything is arranged.

Matter is simply an organized form of energy, a bunch of atoms that slowed down enough to appear solid…to appear solid. This “everything” is paradoxically made up of “something” and a remarkable amount of “nothing.” Accelerated to the speed of light squared, you’d be millions upon millions of times more powerful than a bolt of lightning.

Everything is connected.

Occasionally, we are reminded of our opus and the scope of our wonderful lives. All is inextricably tied together, molded from an eternal image. What makes you “you” and me “me” is a sliver of the Creator given boundaries. What was timeless is made to play by rules of hours and days it struggles to comprehend. What was boundless is now limited by the reach of clumsy extremities to inches and feet. We fight impatience, feeling somewhere deep down all is within reach yet knowing everything must be put in order.

Everything moves with you.

Toss aside the belief that anything is against you. You are a part of everything! It shifts to accommodate you–what matters is the direction you face. Like an airliner cutting across the sky, the space will be filled behind you. Whether you take off heading east or west, uphill or down, everything will support you. It parts before you and gathers behind you so that you might push forward.

This is the power of everything.


The Power of Nothing

The Power of Something

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