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Overcoming Disaster

Catastrophe is hardly final.

History is littered with near-collapse after near-collapse.

Over and over again, challenges arise to test the mettle of populations.




The future is defined by those who find a way to go on.

Seventy thousand years ago, humans nearly died out. The supereruption of an Indonesian volcano ejected ash high into the atmosphere laid a six-inch-thick sooty blanket on southeast Asia, dropping temperatures worldwide for 6-10 years.

This dramatic climate change cut the human population to as few as 2,000–a nearly-inconceivable 1,000 breeding pairs. The resulting genetic bottleneck means all 6.7 billion people on earth are 99.9% alike.

In effect, you and I hang from the same survivors’ family tree.

The planet demanded ingenuity and determination in the pursuit of food and shelter. A 1,000-year cooling period favored those brains able to turn one day into another and produce offspring.

The situation must have become incredibly gritty.

Your adversity pales in comparison. Even in the worst times, you have advantages far beyond early hominids’ primitive imaginations.

Despite what you may think, you have resources and reserves capable of carrying you wherever you choose.

Evolution is the only choice.

Take the opportunity to change.

Doing different things will yield different results.

Regardless of the disaster, you will succeed.

Your ancestors have done so for 700 centuries.


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